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Why C-Section Moms Need Pelvic Floor Therapy

This blog was written for a pelvic floor physical therapy practice. The names and links have been removed at the request of the company.

The fourth trimester can be a “brutiful” (Beautiful + Brutal) time, especially for c-section moms. After what may seem like an eternity of carrying your baby on the inside, finally getting to hold them can send you into nirvana. However, simultaneously, your hormones and sleep are all over the place, you are recovering from a major surgery, and your precious bundle of joy does cry—a lot.

To get you through this brutiful time, asking for help (your friends and family really do want to support you) and focusing on healing should top your to-do list. Your future self will be forever grateful—and you might even end the fourth trimester stronger than your pre-pregnancy days!

Total C-Section Healing Is For YOU

While a c-section birth can be lifesaving and essential to ensure you and baby start the new journey together in the healthiest and safest way, diastasis recti and postpartum care for C-Section moms should be a critical part of your path. A stomach bulge, uncontrollable urinary leaking, back and hip pain, and difficulty doing everyday tasks are NOT things you “just have to accept.”

No matter if you are reading this 6 weeks or 6 years after you bring life into our world, today is a good day to get started with pelvic health physical therapy at (company wanted their name withheld)

Why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Is Vital After C-Sections

On top of prepping for that big meeting, finding you time, caring for the older kids, and trying to get dinner together tonight—you may not be thinking about how pregnancy and cesarean births impact your pelvic floor and body. We know you are short on time, so here’s a quick overview followed up with real solutions.

  • Vomiting and constipation: The foul moments in the bathroom throughout your pregnancy wreak havoc on your pelvic floor. Uncover reasons and find solutions (via this blog post).

  • Diastasis recti: During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch as your belly grows. A C-section birth can make this condition even worse, leading to a wide range of health challenges. Some of these include urinary leaking, pain (back, hip, pelvic, during sex, etc.), a weak core, and a visible bulge. However, diastasis recti can be healed with ITR’s strategic physical therapy.

  • Surgery: A C-section is a major surgery, and the recovery should be treated like all other surgeries with mandatory rehab protocols to optimize the recovery process. At ITR, we will provide a tailored plan for healing and safely getting you back to daily life. Click here to learn about our C-Section Rehabilitation Services.

  • Untreated cesarean shelf: The tissue above your incision scar can puff out, creating a visible shelf. This can lead to physical pain and is a source of body insecurity for many women. However, a shelf is another thing that c-section moms do NOT have to accept. Most cesarean shelf cases can be promptly corrected with ITR’s C-Section Rehabilitation Services.

Comprehensive C-section recovery isn’t just something you deserve. It should be the standard process for all C-section moms. Take charge of your present and future health by finding a pelvic health physical therapy program you trust.


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