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Are You Being Tricked By Sugar?

Updated: Apr 29

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Halloween is an iconic part of every American kid’s childhood. You SHOULD embrace it for health reasons.

Walking around your neighborhood and spending time with neighbors and family is a creative and memorable way to reduce stress. Since stress is the #1 cause of acid, I am all for anything that dissolves stress—in a healthy way.

What I am NOT for is how people are consistently being TRICKED by sugar.

Sugar is a DRUG.

Studies show that it is more addictive than cocaine. Let that sink in. What sugar does to your body, mind, and soul is plain spooky.

The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year. That equates to 38 teaspoons a day, which is HORRIFYING! After 6 teaspoons, your liver can’t metabolize it anymore, so it literally becomes POISON.

No wonder brain fog, depression, skin problems, inflammation, chronic disease, stomach issues, cancer, ADHD, candida, premature aging, obesity, etc., are considered “NORMAL” in our poisoned society. Needless to say, excessive sugar isn’t just an innocent little treat.

Sugar Detective Rules

Every day of the year, you should put on your detective costume. Remember: WHAT YOU INSPECT, YOU RESPECT. Therefore, when buying food and drinks at the store, please keep these rules in mind:

  • If you can’t pronounce it, you can’t digest it. Stop trashing your body with fake food.

  • 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon. After 6 teaspoons, your liver can’t metabolize it anymore, so it literally becomes POISON.

  • Any product with a long list of ingredients (5+) is likely highly processed. Therefore, keep it far away from your body.

  • The four most important numbers on a nutrition label are total sugars, carbohydrates, fiber, and the number of servings.

  • Sugar tricks you with 62+ aliases. Get the full list of names that sugar hides in via this blog post.

Scare Sugar Away

Yep, it IS possible to scare sugar away. When your body is asking for a sweet something, it’s actually telling you it desperately lacks minerals. This is one of the reasons why I created Acid-Kicking Minerals in sweet flavors, such as Kiwi-Strawberry, because minerals help you NOT crave sugar in the first place.

Drink one scoop after dinner to nourish your body and stop a dessert craving. Want to get a little spirited in the name of All Hallows’ Eve? Try The Ginger & Apple Fall Fizz mineral mocktail recipe.

Another way to ward off evil sugar ghosts is with Acid-Kicking Magnesium. When you feel desperate for energy, your body may trick you into fueling it with sugar for a quick burst of toxic liveliness followed by a harsh crash. To prevent this, give yourself The.Best.Sleep.Ever (as everyone has been calling it lately) with Acid-Kicking Magnesium before bedtime.

Magnesium calms your nervous system, relaxes your muscles (no more restless leg syndrome), and maintains your body’s GABA levels—neurotransmitters responsible for "turning off" wakefulness.

You will sleep like the dead.

Make This Halloween A Real TREAT.

Having a few of those mini Snickers and lollipops is totally fine—just make it a treat—so you won’t get tricked into 16 treats.

After all, the costumes, long walks in the neighborhood, spooking your kids, decorations, chatting with neighbors, art projects, making memories with your family, and carving pumpkins are all where the true enjoyment of Halloween comes from.

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