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No Gym? No Problem! Workouts at home.

Updated: Apr 29

This blog was written for Zelus Fitness.

2020 has taught us a lot of lessons, and a big one is what we can actually accomplish at home! We have turned an unused corner into a home office, a living room into a yoga studio, or a kitchen into a brewery. Over here at Zelus, we are zealous to help you figure out how to start working out at home with the best home gym equipment possible! We understand now that you are hosting a home office, yoga studio, and brewery in your apartment—space is super limited. Which is why we are pumped about our home gym equipment being multi-functional, hyper space-efficient, and affordable.

Workouts at home can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the right home gym equipment. So let’s get down to fitness and plan out what you need and the best at home workouts that you can start doing now.

1. The Weighted Vest. This is one of the most multi-functional fitness products on the market. Wear it while walking your dog and a simple stroll has now turned into a major calorie burning, strength building, and endurance cardio session! Do a couple of lungs up a hill or squats while waiting for the light to change and you will definitely “hurt so good” the next day. If you want to enter into beast mode - jump on and off a curb 10 times at a rapid pace while wearing the vest. Repeat as often as you can. To really step up your workouts at home (or your neighborhood), wear the vest while doing just about any workout possible to spice it up and increase your workload. The extra body weight will make your movements more strenuous which will increase your aerobic endurance. The weighted vest is a must have for anyone wanting quick and efficient workouts and has very limited storage space.

2. Half Balance Balls. These bouncy, colorful half balls paired with resistance bands are a love match made in fitness heaven. You should totally swipe right—right now! Half-balance balls are a fun way to build up core strength, tone, and increase your cardio endurance. Add in the resistance bands and you got endless, full-body workouts at home! To get started, crank up your favorite pump up song and get going! Run (one foot at a time on the ball), skip (on and off the ball), squat (both feet on the ball), and dance (however you want)! After just one song you will most likely start to feel sweaty and amazing! Now, continue by adding in the resistance bands doing curls and punches in every direction for another song. Take a breather song and then repeat and get creative! Jump both feet on and then jump from side to side. Put your hands on the ball, bend your knees, and jump your feet towards you and then back, rapidly. Mix in some crunches on the ball. Go wild and have fun! You are at your home gym—no one to impress if you fall or just act totally goofy. The Half Balance ball can easily be stored under a couch or bed, in the back of the closet, or just keep it out to use when binging on a new Netflix series.

3. Medicine Balls. These small but mighty weighted balls with handles are a great way to get a versatile, full body workout even in the smallest of spaces. Use them while on endless work calls. Put your headphones on, grip the handles, bend your elbows, and move the ball from left to right, up and down. Off the call and ready to really sweat? Do a set of 10 squats, and then 10 jump squats? Oh-my-quad really feeling pumped?! Keep going with lunges, running up and down your stairs, jump on and off the couch, press the ball from your chest up towards the roof 20 times fast. Keep gripping the ball and get creative. Ready to go next level? Do curls while walking on the treadmill. Adding variety to your training unlocks your overall body capability. On top of strength, mixing in medicine balls can help body balance, flexibility, core strength, and cardio.

To follow your progress and motivate yourself, write down the highlights of your home workouts. Your first half balance ball workout you were able to jump up and down on it for 2 minutes. That’s awesome! A month later you did that as just part of your warmup? Epic! Imagine what you will be able to do in 3 months! Always remember, it isn’t about looking like the people in magazines or TV, it is about YOU helping yourself be Stronger Than Yesterday. Because the best at home workouts are about you loving your body, sweating out your stress, lifting yourself up (literally and figuratively), and feeling the amazing endorphins that experience provides. Feeling your zeal for fitness yet?! Let’s gooooo!

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