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Where the salmon comes from: The story of how Williwaw was reeled in

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This blog was written for Williwaw Foods.

Patagonia. One may think of a remarkably sustainable outdoors-wear company or the actual magnificent National Park in Chile. Either way a feeling of love for nature and wanting to protect it rushes in. Friends Andres, Pepe, and Marcello felt the same and it led them to reeling in a hearty and healthy snack that inspires others to love and protect nature.

Born and bred Chilean; the trio started brainstorming and brought along with them their fifty years of experience in sustainable sourcing, local farming, and the food industry. They wanted to give life to a product that would chart a new course for how people think of food––every part of it. Andres’ brother works in aquaculture (cultivating fish under controlled conditions, a better alternative to commercial fishing), and he was bothered by seeing salmon skin tossed into the trash. He felt that something bigger and more impactful could be done with that leftover part of the fish. Not only was it wasteful, the skin is overflowing with protein, Omega-3s, collagen, and vitamin D.

The idea caught on and for years the team researched and experimented ways to make delicious salmon cracklets, from the flavoring to the sustainable packaging. And then researched and experimented again––and again. This is also a story about never giving up because one day––Bacán! They found the perfect temperature in the oven, just the right amount of flavor, and a quality packaging process. Williwaw Foods got its gills and is now making big splashes around the world! A delicious, upcycled snack that is consciously created and perfect for Keto, Paleo, and low-carb diets. You can buy cracklets right here on the website or Amazon, and in stores across Chile, the west coast of the US, Canada, and Japan.

The trio isn’t slowing down and continuing to find ways to bring the taste of Patagonia to you, even if it feels like they are swimming upstream sometimes. From creating flavors such as Merken, Patagonian Spice, that celebrate the culinary tradition of their home to branching out and flowing into South American Creole cuisine, Chilean culture is oven baked into everything they do. Being a Williwaw-er is also about changing the tides of how food is made. You are getting onboard with a new way of snacking; sustainably-sourced, prepared by hand, and packed with nutrition. Whether you just need a boost before your next meeting or hiking the PCT, bite into some Williwaw wonder!

World Ocean Day

In celebration of World Ocean Day, June 8, join us in advocating for the ocean. Swim over to to find specific ways you can be an ocean advocate, and tag us in your social media posts @WilliwawFoods! Ahoy!

Reading this after June 8th? No worries, friend. We advocate for the ocean, and all of the wonderful creatures in it, every single day of the year! Stay tuned to this blog for more ocean-loving goodness and we always suggest doing a 4-minute beach, forest, city sidewalk, or river clean up whenever you are outside. It all goes into the ocean and harms her water quality and animals. And of course, we always suggest eating sustainably sourced and packaged snacks like our salmon cracklets!

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