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The Power of Video Marketing – Educate, Excite, Earn their Business

In the last few years, the usage of video has grown from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy. This post will give you a behind the scenes tour of why your business needs video and creative ways to harness the power of video for business marketing.

To get your reels spinning, let’s start with a short video marketing quiz:

  1. Brands that use video marketing get ____% more qualified leads per year

  2. ____% of consumers say videos helped them make buying decisions

  3. ____% of internet traffic will be dedicated to video by the end of 2020


  1. Brands that use video marketing 66% more qualified leads per year

  2. 90% of consumers say videos helped them make buying decisions

  3. 82% of internet traffic will be dedicated to video by the end of 2020

What does this mean for your company?

In short, video has revolutionized how your company should communicate in order to stay relevant.

  • Customer service teams are embracing the personal connections that video can provide to support and delight customers.

  • Salespeople are using video to create more memorable interactions with prospects and their product or service.

  • Human resources and managers are taking advantage of Live video to bring teams together across the country and world, as well as creating short videos to introduce new products and even employees.

  • For marketers, video has introduced a completely new level of customer engagement. For example, adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion rate by 80% and just a mention of the word video in an email subject line can lead to a 19% spike in open rates.

If you have made it this far, you are probably a marketer and your reels are spinning with ideas on how to bring video into places it hasn’t gone before in your company. To give you a boost, grab some popcorn and check out these video marketing ideas:

  • Paid ads: Stand out from all the static images and text on a screen. Use video to help your brand stand out.

  • Demo videos: Don’t just tell users about your product with words and static images. Show them how your stand up desk works in a relatable office, how your latest dress design looks on someone in the real world, or give a tour of a new feature in your social media scheduling tool.

  • Meet the team videos: Via your website and social media pages, be polite and introduce yourself to your followers, clients, and soon-to-be-clients. Let them know there are real humans behind the product or service that they love. Lastly, paw-lease don’t forget to include your office pets!

  • Educational videos: Do you sell yoga clothes? Create a few videos teaching people how to do a 10-minute morning flow and meditation. Give your viewers something that will add value to their day and relates to your product.

  • Short, emotive videos: Bring graphics to life with short 10-30 second videos that spark emotions – laughs, surprise, delight, and so forth.

  • Brand videos: Build awareness around your mission and vision of your company. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level can create special bonds that last.

  • Case studies: Customers want to know that your product or service will solve their problem. They also have an attention span that is rapidly declining. To make your product stand out from the rest, sharing short marketing and branding case studies via videos can be your winning combo.

  • Live: Never before have companies and consumers been able to have livingroom chats – until now! Be your customer’s beloved friend and get to know them via employing the power of Live Video features on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): Be future-forward and bend their definitions of reality. Check out how are creating new standards of connecting with their audience.

  • Harnessing the viral power of social media tools such as TikTok and YouTube: Especially if your target market is on the younger side, social media video platforms are essential for easily reaching your demographic where they go to engage with their friends, find belonging, share their creativity, and learn about the world.

As you can see, video content can’t be put in a box but it definitely must be on all your customer’s screens.

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