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How To Transition Your Skincare Routine For Spring

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Mother nature is changing seasons, and so are you, beautiful one. Like the flowers popping up around you, it’s time for the skin to appear from your winter layers and blossom in the sun’s rays! ‘Tis the season for growth, which can come from changing your routine and deep cleaning your home, skin, beauty tools, and soul.

Your seasonal skincare routine protects and optimizes what encapsulates your fabulous inner self. Life is meant to live out loud and outside. You may have spent this winter zooming down mountains, building strong snowwomen, and drinking hot cocoa with extra whipped cream next to a crackling fire. Yeeww!

In all of these adventures, your skin has been braving bitter cold air and wind burn, and then dry and artificial heat inside. All of this wreaks havoc on your skin, leaving it itchy, dry, and flaky.

And then enchanting springtime hits, and it beckons you to enjoy it—as you should! Sunsoaked sports and long walks, and balmy brunches are all part of the magic of springtime. Along with this, mother nature throws humidity, pollinating plants, rapid temp changes, and sun exposure at you. All of which can sometimes cause irritation, breakouts, and other aggravating problems for your skin.

But fear not and live big! As the season changes in your world, your skin can still be radiant and healthy with just a few changes in your skincare routine.

Four ways to create the best skincare routine for spring

1. Shake off your winter coat! Go ahead; add some spring to your step! Exfoliators are spring staples and essential for spring skincare. Going from the harsh cold on the outside and then hot moisture-sucking furnaces on the inside can leave your skin dry, dull, flaky, and itchy. Agghh. While some dry skin cells naturally fall off, several do stay behind. Hence the need to literally shake off your winter skin coat by exfoliating twice a week for optimal results—no more, no less.

What we are loving right now: The Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator. Kukui trees are beautiful living symbols of Hawaiian culture that fire up the imagination of all who bask in her glory. Jojoba plants are indigenous to the American southwest and can be used as an extremely gentle yet powerful exfoliator—even for the most sensitive skin. Shake off the winter by changing your routine with these powerful plants that will nourish and restore your skin and soul.

How to best use it: Cleanse your skin, gently pat it dry, tell yourself a positive affirmation, and massage it into your face while giving extra love to your drier spots. Repeat the massage part, feel the gel turn into a silky milk, and hear your skin say thank you. Rinse with warm water until all product is removed. Finish up with your favorite springtime moisturizer (hint: see below).

2. Lighten your load! No need for scarves, mittens, and heavy moisturizers this season. Heavy creams feel like a gift from your fairy godmother in the dead of dry winter, but applying them to a sticky and sweaty springtime face would be trolling you. The balmy weather has your name all over it—go out and play! Just make sure your spring skincare includes a lighter moisturizer before you step out into the sunshine.

What we are loving right now: ORIGINS GinZing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer. Feel invigorated by all that spring has to offer you with this blend of grapefruit, lemon, and spearmint. Hydrate and give your skin the wide-awake look. This moisturizer is free of all the gross and greasy stuff and naturally packed with all the good—making it one of our spring staples.

How to best use it: This oil-free moisturizer delivers a full 72 hours of hydration. You got more important things to do than worry about seasonal skincare moisturizers throughout each day. After cleaning your face, apply a thin layer to your face and neck, massage until fully absorbed, breath in deep, and exhale while letting all the natural aromas energize your skin and spirit. Add SPF if going outside to dance around with the flowers!

3. Suns out—tubs out! Depending on where you live, the sun may have been hiding for months. Finally, it’s time to bask in its sweet warmth. Just make sure to put your sunscreen tubs on full display. This way, you will remember to apply before you step outside and then take them with you on the go-go.

We know you know that sunscreen is the best skincare for spring (and all year round). You also understand that it helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, wrinkles, and premature aging. We just wanted to give another reminder to ourselves ;)

Another fun pun: suns out, techs out! Use your phone’s weather apps to check the UV index when going outside. The intensity of the sun’s damaging rays is usually between 10 am to 4 pm, but it is always important to check the UVs of your location. Also, consider that reflections from water or even snow can make you sunburn at a faster rate. The UV index ranges from 0-11+. For most people, if the UVs are 0-2, it is totally fine to frolic without sun protection. Anything after that requires broad-spectrum SPF, wide-brimmed hats, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and other summer fun accessories and seasonal skincare!

What we are loving right now: Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion. It’s time to get outside and play! Supergoop provides everything you want in a sunscreen—reef safe, super hydrating, and lightweight, as well as high-performance protection from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. It leaves out everything you dread about sunscreen—that caked-on heavy feeling, greasiness, and weird scents. Hello basil and citrus extracts and byeee whatever the pungent chemical sunscreen smell is.

How to best use it: ​​15 minutes before you go outside, massage all over your body and face. Bring it with you and reapply at least every 2 hours or after 80 minutes of splashing or sweating.

4. Spring clean and take a shelfie! Washcloths, sponges, makeup brushes, applicators, and so forth are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, yeast, etc., leading to breakouts and infections. Spring is a great time to swap out or deeply clean all of your products. Check expired dates on products, and if you can’t find the dates, try the smell test. If it doesn’t smell, feel, or look the same as when you first purchased it, it’s probably time to toss.

Don’t forget about your beauty products shelf when spring cleaning. What products are you loving? How do you organize them? We’d love to feature your shelfie on our Instagram!

Lastly, always remember to show gratitude to yourself for being intentional about your skincare and thank your skin for taking care of you through each season of life!

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